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Canadian Neurovascular Health Society

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The Canadian Neurovascular Health Society is a registered volunteer driven, non-profit charitable society dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians affected by neurovascular conditions and diseases primarily through support, research and education. Our mandate is to serve as a resource for education and research for individuals with and at risk for neurovascular symptoms, their families and caregivers, government, the public at large, and medical and research communities.


We provide services through three primary methods: Providing Information and Support – to advance the awareness of neurovascular health to health care professionals and to champion neurovascular treatment; Research – to gather knowledge of neurovascular conditions; and Education – delivering educational forums.

Our website also features selected videos from our annual national conferences, community and online events, and educational documentaries. You can order the full set of any of our conferences by contacting Landon Schmidt, our Treasurer, at

We were delighted to host these free webinars as part of our Canadian Neurovascular Health Society Education Series. Thank you so much for watching, sharing and supporting our efforts to bring you the top research and education in neurovascular health.

Dr. Marian Simka, April 28, 2023

Dr. E. Mark Haacke, March 8, 2023



Our Voices 2020


On November 21, 2020 our community gathered together online for a free, full day of science, support and patient advocacy. Speakers included Dr. Peter Bavera (Milan, Italy), Dr. Mago Clerici (Milan, Italy), Dr. Evie Tsati (Greece), Dr. Bill Code and Denise Code (BC), Michelle Walsh (SK), Christopher Alkenbrack (NS), Carol Schumacher (CA), Dr. Teri Jaklin (ON) and Dr. Sandra Birrell (BC). Speakers were assisted by CNHS Board members Dr. Bernhard Juurlink, Dr. Lucinda Sykes and Landon Schmidt. We discussed longitudinal research showing vascular connections to MS, longitudinal research on diet influences on gut inflammation and MS progression, patient advocacy and testimonials, oxygen benefits in neurological disease, how to get back on track with diet and lifestyle commitments, role of mindfulness in neurovascular health, and a patient experience with the PoNS (Portable Neuromodulation Device) therapy and secondary progressive MS.


Understanding Multiple Sclerosis & Other Neurological Diseases
~ how to manage through diet, rehabilitation & mindfulness


On October 19, 2019 we met in spectacular Sidney, BC for a full day of education on the latest research affecting those with, and at risk for, neurological illnesses, especially Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson's Disease, Migraine, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We explored the theoretical drivers of illness such as infectious and other inflammatory agents and provided the latest in rehabilitation, diet, and mindfulness science. Attended by patients, caregivers, and practitioners.


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    Volunteer Board   

Our volunteer Board meets regularly to discuss the latest in neurovascular research and its impact on the patient and medical communities. We then formulate methods to bring that information to all Canadians in a timely and effective manner. Our Board members receive no compensation for their work. CNHS has no paid staff and relies 100% on donations and volunteers to carry out its mission in this exciting, yet challenging new field of neurovascular research and education. We are proud that ~94% of donated funds (2018 CRA filing: Charitable #: 833497407RR0001) go directly towards our important work to support research and education for patients with and at risk for neurovascular disease, their families, researchers, health practitioners, and government representatives.

Board members: Sandra Birrell, PhD (President), Landon Schmidt, MBA (Treasurer), Bernhard Juurlink, PhD, Lucinda Sykes, MD 


Our Board members welcome your input. Contact any Board member by emailing us at

to Ways You Can Help

    Ways You Can Help  

The Canadian Neurovascular Health Society was formed by volunteers and runs on the generous help of its many supporters. Be part of new hope for thousands of Canadians by helping to spread the word regarding emerging advancements in neurovascular science.


The Canadian Neurovascular Health Society is an all-volunteer, registered educational charity in Canada. Our mission depends on your help as a Society volunteer.


You can help us promote neurovascular education for patients, patient families, physicians, other healthcare practitioners, and government by distributing our educational materials and links to our pages (see below).


You can also help by volunteering at any time during the year, but especially during conference preparations and conference activities. If you want to help with communications, venue coordination, speaker airport pick up, decorating, set up, registrations, contact us ~ thank you!


Finally, our funding comes from other charitable foundations and dedicated individuals like you. As a registered Canadian charity (# 833497407RR0001), we offer tax receipts for donations of $20 or more. As an all-volunteer society, our administration costs are very low: our 2015 financial statements show $.94 on every dollar donated goes towards our educational charitable activities. Every dollar helps us bring the latest neurovascular research to Canada. Click DONATE NOW to donate through CanadaHelps or mail a cheque directly to us at:

Canadian Neurovascular Health Society
3098 Midland Road
Victoria, BC Canada V8R 6P2


We also gratefully accept in-kind donations from generous companies and individuals. Some of these may be featured as Silent Auction items or given to our event attendees to enhance their conference experience. Please contact Dr. Sandra Birrell, if interested.

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