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PATHWAYS Diet & Lifestyle Retreat

Our Diet and Lifestyle Pathways retreat for MS patients and partners was sadly postponed due to public health concerns. We are working hard to reschedule when conditions improve.

We will announce a date for our Pathways Diet & Lifestyle Retreat for persons with MS and related conditions soon. This program is designed to rejuvenate, rehabilitate, and revitalize your mind and body. Every detail of our program is built on sound scientific principles to help you take control of your MS and neurovascular health. We will present a mix of evidence-based science sessions mixed with exercise, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and meal planning and preparation. We will nourish your body with foods from four evidence-based diet plans proven to improve neurological health and help you establish an eating plan and lifestyle to last a lifetime. Partners are invited to attend, space permitting.

NOTE: Our retreat had only 6 spaces left when we decided to cancel and reschedule in 2020. Most participants indicated they want to carry over their registration, so we anticipate having only a few spots open when we announce a date. Spots will be offered to those who added their name to our no-obligation retreat mailing list through this link.

Please donate to subsidize the cost of our Pathways retreat for MS patients and their partners. Each $20 given reduces the cost per person (plus you get a tax receipt). Thank you for considering our cause in your charitable giving!

Donate now!

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